Forget Elf on a Shelf, “Santa Cams” are the new big thing for this holiday season

This holiday season, joining the ever-creepy Elf on a Shelf, is the new Santa Cam, a “camera” that can track your child’s every moves to ensure that they don’t end up on the naughty list. The Santa Cam is essentially an ornament with a fake camera lens on the front, with a little red dot to indicate the camera is in use. Nothing says holidays like conning children!

The idea has been especially popular in classrooms with teachers who are struggling to keep Santa crazy students in line, and that makes sense. Um, sort of?

So far, it seems like this idea has taken off like wildfire. A Facebook post from a teacher wearing her Santa Cam as a necklace in her classroom went viral, as has an Instagram video of a girl talking to her Santa Cam.

While deceptive, the device is a play on the universal idea that “Santa is ALWAYS watching” even when a person can’t tell he is. We understand the importance of making the coveted Nice List and think that maybe it’s a good thing for kids to be startled into being nice. Times have definitely changed since we were kids, when simply telling children that Santa was watching was enough to have us shaking in our booties.

What gives the Santa Cam the edge over the Elf on the Shelf is that while it can be purchased, it can also be an amazing DIY project, which makes it WAY more affordable than the Elf.

[tempo-video id=”5215302089001″ account=”4607804089001″]

While we definitely get the big brother feel from this new holiday fad, we hope that it does its job in keeping kids on their best behavior while also getting them into the holiday spirit!