Did Sansa’s hair just reveal another potential plot twist in “Game of Thrones”?

Like The Night’s Watch, we’ve pledged our lives to one thing in particular: Analyzing Sansa Stark’s hair.

In case you’ve been more intent on trying to predict the winner of the Iron Throne, we’re here to let you know that no hairstyle in Westeros happens by accident. Specifically, nothing about Sansa’s hair in the show is accidental. Rather, as Sophie Turner told Refinery29, the eldest Stark daughter’s hair is a reflection of exactly what the character is going through at that time.

During the Season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones, some fans were quick to note that during a discussion between Jon and his sister about Cersei, Sansa’s hair was pretty reflective of what the current Queen of the Seven Three Kingdoms’ hair looked like in Season 3.

Of course, in that episode we saw Sansa begin to exert control a little more.

And now, fans have realized that during Game of Thrones Season 7 episode three, “The Queen’s Justice,” Sansa’s hair was reminiscent of another lady of Westeros.

The lady in question, in fact, is none other than Catelyn Stark.


One user on Tumblr also noted the strange similarities between Ned Stark and Catelyn talking in Season 1, and Bran and his sister talking in GoT‘s latest episode. false

Now, we know Sansa’s hair reflects the mood she’s in, the feelings she’s feelings, or what she’s actually experiencing. So if we put on our detective hats, we *could* infer that her hair was similar to her mother’s because she’s finally back home mothering the people of Winterfell.

Indeed, in the episode we did see her character marching around, giving orders, and even looking after Bran (who, might we add, didn’t seem all that excited to see his sister again after all that has happened).

However, we’re wondering whether this new hairstyle could actually be a warning about Lord Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger. As we know, he’s been creepin’ around Winterfell like a bad smell, and he is *not* to be trusted in the slightest (in fact, are any of the Starks aware that it’s because of his treachery that Ned Stark was captured and killed by the Lannisters?).

Of course, we’ve only got four more episodes of this season of Game of Thrones left, so hopefully we don’t have too long to find out what this hair symbolism really means. Until then, keep watch!

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