Sophie Turner wants Sansa to end up with a female partner, and she has one picked out!

At this point in HBO’s Game of Thrones, pretty much everyone wants a happy ending for poor Sansa Stark. This season has (finally) provided some much needed relief for the character, and based on what she’s been through up to this point, we can only hope that her eventual trajectory will be to find a decent partner and peacefully live out her days in her home, Winterfell.

Sophie Turner, the actress who plays Sansa Stark, had a surprising suggestion for who Sansa might enjoy spending her life with (if) when all the craziness subsides. During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sophie suggested that Sansa hasn’t had a lot of luck with the men who she has ended up being paired off with (which, to be fair, is extremely true). So she suggests Sansa should look for a more understanding female partner. Specifically, Sophie would like to see Sansa end up with everybody’s favorite Queen, Margaery Tyrell.


The actress seemed to be just speculating that Sansa Stark would enjoy spending her days with Margaery based on the friendship and trust they’ve so far shared. To be fair, Margaery was one of the only people who was nice to Sansa when she was basically trapped in King’s Landing. So it does seem appropriate that Sansa might have a particular affinity towards her. Plus, Margaery has shown to be a powerful and excellent partner, full of support and companionship for her spouses.

Based on where they both physically are in the show right now, it doesn’t seem like a love connection that — even if possible — could be plausible any time soon. But, truth be told, both of them could use a strong, sympathetic partner and a little break from psychopaths (though Tommen isn’t a psychopath, just a little too beholden to his mother, Cersei). And while we really have no idea what might be coming for these to awesome characters, we at least know that’d be one marriage we could 100% get behind.


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