The street where Sandra Bland was arrested is officially being named after her

July proved to be one of the most difficult months for the #BlackLivesMatter movement. In that month alone, five black women lost their lives while in police custody, with the death by apparent suicide of 28-year-old Sandra Bland garnering the most attention and adding fuel to the #SayHerName fire.

But, just as we hoped, Bland’s death will not be in vain. Earlier this month, Lena Dunham and Girls showrunner Jenni Konner devoted a preview edition of their upcoming newsletter, Lenny, to an interview with a close friend of Bland’s about her legacy. And now, Prairie View, the town where Bland’s life came to an untimely end, will honor the late activist by renaming the roadway where she was arrested Sandra Bland Parkway.

There is no shortage of symbolism when it comes to renaming the street. Bland was arrested on University Drive, a main drag leading to her historically black alma mater Prairie City A&M University and the site of a new job she was reportedly very excited to start. Now new students and alumni alike will see Bland’s name every time they head to the school.

According to Houston Public Media, the name change, which was followed by a march in honor of Bland, will most likely go into effect the week of the university’s homecoming in October, and will coincide with renaming of a local park in Bland’s honor as well.

“There’s a slave owner that has a street named after him,” activist and Prairie A&M alum Michael Moore told reporters. “Ronald Reagan, there’s a street named after him, so why not Sandra Bland? She graduated from Prairie View, wanted to come back and give back, so I think that she deserves it.”


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