This delicate Japanese sand art might be your new favorite stress reliever

The next time you get into an artsy mood, you might want to try sunae, a type of Japanese art where you use shiny, colorful sand to paint pictures. An artist named Naoshi has used sunae in her work since 2004. She begins by drawing a design on a sheet, then filling it in with sand that comes in a variety of vivid colors. All of her work is a serious explosion of color! Since Naoshi’s goal is to familiarize people around the world with sunae, she offers kits that allow you to make your own sand paintings!

Naoshi’s drawings are filled with cute characters combined with dessert themes. There’s this one of a girl hiding inside of an ice cream cone that is super cute, as well as a “strawberry prince” and a “human flower.” There’s also this “punk cat” that reminds me of one of the band members from KISS. Every kit comes with all the supplies you need to create your own sunae, such as colored sand, paper, the pre-cut design board, toothpick and wrapping ribbon. In addition to the included directions, there are also videos on her website that show exactly how to do sunae step-by-step. Why not get a bunch of these kits and host a sunae-themed craft night?



DIY Sunae sand art kit, $8.50

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(Product images via Naoshi/Etsy.)

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