San Francisco Transforms Into Gotham, Crime-Fighting Batkid Wins Our Hearts

While most 5-year-old boys attended their kindergarten classes on Friday afternoon, Miles Scott donned the long admired Batman suit and set out to save Gotham city or, as we know it, San Francisco, California. America’s mini superhero has been battling his own villain in the form of leukemia for most of his life but, has come out victorious while winning over the hearts of America. In celebration of his heartwarming courage and current remission, an entire city teamed up to make his crime-fighting dreams come true. During a day not soon forgotten, the Bay Area and it’s citizens knew no bounds, with thousands of participants flooding the streets and setting the stage for what is perhaps the most epic and memorable battle of good versus evil.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is certainly known for their nearly superhuman acts of kindness and wish granting but, it was their partnership with over 11,000 volunteers from Northern California that turned Miles’ superhero dreams into an all day, city-saving reality. Batkid suited up and reported for duty on Friday morning, finding both his Batman mentor and his very own Batmobile. Throughout the day, he responded to various calls for help, bravely personifying his favorite superhero. After receiving his call to action from the city’s chief of police, Miles raced to save a damsel in distress from the cable car tracks, stopped the Riddler dead in his tracks as he attempted a bank robbery and saved the Giants mascot, Lou Seal, from being kidnapped by the ill-intentioned Penguin. As he raced from one crime scene to the next in a police escorted black Lamborghini, only stopping at The Burger Bar in Union Square for lunch, the crowds grew larger and the cheers louder; with every triumph of good, Miles’ superhero swagger infiltrated the city.

Finally, after a day of superhero saves, Miles’ personal Gotham was safe once again and he found himself at city hall among hordes of adoring fans and thankful citizens. As a show of gratitude for his efforts, Mayor Ed Lee gave Batkid a key to the city, an FBI “raid jacket,” and a San Francisco police department cap while declaring November 15 to be “Batkid Day Forever.” US Attorney Melinda Haag even showed up to ensure justice was served, unveiling the indictment that charged the Penguin and the Riddler with conspiracy. Wearing a grin fit for the bravest of superheroes, Miles pumped his fist in the air and the crowd went wild.

The city of San Francisco has certainly proven that kindness is contagious. The Make-A-Wish organization didn’t simply give Mile’s a custom Batkid suit and drive him around in a Batmobile or arrange for him to cruise the city with Batman for a day. No, the participating volunteers made it their mission to plan out and organize a full day of crime-fighting, creating a buzz that captured the attention of an entire city. Thousands upon thousands turned up in the streets to play their part in making Miles’ dream come true. Twitter accounts were used to keep the public updated on Miles’ adventure and announce the villains’ criminal attempts to the citizens. Said villains were played by volunteers who were impressively committed to their characters. The San Francisco Chronicle printed a special edition newspaper entitled, “Gotham City Chronicle,” with a front page that read “BATKID SAVES CITY: Hooded hero nabs Riddler, rescues damsel in distress.” Police officers and government officials rearranged their busy schedules and donated their time, all in hopes of making a brave little boy feel like nothing less than the most authentic version of Batman they could create. Even President Obama got in on the action, recording a special message for Miles that congratulated him on saving Gotham. The city of San Francisco wrote a script that easily trumped any Hollywood blockbuster, all in the name of a courageous little boy with a wish; they reminded us what can be accomplished when we ban together in kindness.

Bravo to the Bay Area for an incomparable and amazing display of community and love; you’ve set the bar high for the rest of us when it comes to giving of ourselves to deserving individuals like Miles Scott. Most importantly, Congratulations Miles, on saving Gotham City from evil! You are the ultimate superhero!

Feature Image via Getty Images, secondary via BuzzFeed.