Samuel L. Jackson got George Lucas to believe his insane “Star Wars” fan theory

Wether it’s Boba Fett jet packing his way out of the sarlacc pit or Poe Dameron putting the moves on Finn, anyone who’s watched Star Wars has probably come up with a few ideas on how to improve the story. Well one Star Wars super fan just had his ultimate wish come true. Series creator, George Lucas, not only heard his theory but totally approved of it! Of course, we guess it helped that the super fan in question just happens to be a major movie star who actually appeared in three of the seven Star Wars films.

Samuel L. Jackson recently did a fan Q&A on Twitter where he discussed the fate of Mace Windu, his character from the Star Wars prequels. false

While these movies weren’t fan favorites, most fans agree that Jackson’s portrayal of the ass-kicking, purple lightsaber swinging Jedi was definitely one of the better parts. That’s why so many people were so heartbroken when he got thrown out a window by the evil Emperor at the end of 2005’s Revenge of the Sith.



And it seems than no one was more heartbroken than Jackson, himself. “I was trying to figure out” Jackson sad in the Q&A “Really? Can’t you just, like, injure me—whatever?’”

But like any obsessive fan, Jackson wasn’t about to just accept the death of his favorite character. Especially if it was a character that he played. According to him, “In my mind, I’m not dead! Jedi can fall incredibly high distances and not die.” So, what has Mace been up to since that fateful night on Coruscant? Entertainment Weekly asked Jackson exactly that and he seemed to think that his force powered counterpart was probably laying low in the galaxy somewhere, just like his Jedi brother Obi wan Kenobi.


As big Windu buffs, we obviously want Jackson’s theories to all be true. But the awesome thing is, so does George Lucas! Jackson claims that once he presented his ideas to the father of Star Wars, he signed off on all of them. Of course, Jackson also admits that Lucas isn’t really in charge of the franchise he created anymore. So this still doesn’t make all of this 100% canon. But we sure hope the current Star Wars curators are listening. When EW asked is if he would like to pop up in one of the future films, Jackson replied “that would be fine for me”. It would be fine for us too! Hopefully the force will be with these fan theories.

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