Samsung is introducing the Galaxy S9 in February, and here’s what we know

Diehard Samsung Galaxy fans (or those looking to make the switch from Apple), listen up! Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 will reportedly be introduced in February 2018, and here’s what we know about the phone so far.

President of Samsung’s mobile division, DJ Koh, announced the S9 debut during Samsung’s CES 2018 press conference this week. Koh stated that the company would introduce the S9 at February’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Based on previous Samsung unveilings, predicts the S9 will go on sale the following month.

Currently, little is known about the Galaxy S8’s successor. Some believe that a Plus version of the S9 (similar to the present Galaxy S8 Plus) will most likely be available as well. Others speculate the Galaxy S9 will be the world’s first smartphone to house 512 GB of internal memory (which is like, apparently a lot). Samsung is reportedly still deciding whether or not to put so much storage on its new phone.

According to, the Galaxy S8 was praised by critics and consumers upon its April 2017 release. The S8’s beautiful “Infinity Display” and almost professional-grade camera were major and much-loved improvements from the Galaxy Note 7 (and its exploding battery).

Due to its predecessor’s success, the Galaxy S9 probably won’t migrate that far from the S8 model, notes.

Koh also mentioned the arrival of a “foldable” Samsung phone in 2018. However, few details were provided (but we’re admittedly intrigued).

Stay tuned, Galaxy fans. It looks like 2018 is shaping up to be a great year for Samsung.

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