The Samsung Galaxy S9 is being hailed as the answer to the iPhone X

It’s been months since the iPhone X dropped and so far, it’s received mixed reviews from Apple fans. If you’re in that group, you may just be in luck with a new Samsung phone that will be available to purchase soon. Already, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is being called the answer to the iPhone X — and if it’s truly as awesome as it sounds, it may just end up giving Apple a run for its money.

When the X was first released in November, it instantly became one of the most coveted phones out there, despite the quadruple-digit price tag. At face value, it seemed awesome — an edge-to-edge larger screen, portrait mode selfies, and Apple’s first phone without a home button — but many users fell out of love with the phone. One reason: it required one to buy a new charger to truly reap the benefits of the faster charging time that so many iPhone fans have been waiting for.

But on Sunday, Samsung will announce the Galaxy S9. The company is promoting the phone’s camera in its teaser, promising that it will be “reimagined.” So far, not too many details about the phone have been released, but according to CNET, rumor has it that the Galaxy S9’s camera will feature dual lenses, as well as the option to animate emojis.

Oh, and apparently, this is supposed to be such a big deal that Samsung is the only brand that will be unveiling a new phone at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain. Yeah, that sounds like a pretty big deal to us, so it’ll be interesting to see what Samsung has been able to come up with this time.

Samsung and Apple have been neck and neck in competition over the past few years, with one trying to improve upon the features of the other brand’s latest release. But will the Samsung Galaxy S9 really be cool enough to convert loyal iPhone users? Guess we’ll find out soon.