Samira Wiley’s dress captured the ocean at the “Handmaid’s Tale” premiere

It was high tide last night at the premiere for Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale. Specifically, Samira Wiley made waves in an ocean-themed v-neck dress. Best known for her Orange is the New Black character, Poussey, Wiley has branched out into the world of dystopian drama. She plays Moira in the Hulu adaptation of the eerie-yet-relevant Margaret Atwood classicThe Handmaid’s Tale.

Wiley’s teal and black premiere dress reminds us of those oddly satisfying paint smearing videos. We love the look of the pattern, and the structured fit does wonders for Wiley’s figure.

The dress is like van Gogh’s “Starry Night” meets a stormy sea, and we love it.


According to People, this event was the official red carpet debut of Wiley and now wife, Lauren Morelli, as a married couple. The two were married on March 25th and the picturesque wedding was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings.

Morelli looked like Wiley’s perfect match in a lacy black floor-length gown.


Wiley paired her dress with a simple set of black heels. She kept her accessories to a minimum and let her voluminous hairstyle and new blingy wedding ring do the talking.

Just like her wedding day look, Wiley keeps things clean and simple. She lets her true, natural beauty shine through. No need for frills when you can pull off a confident pose like this!


The first three episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale premiered on Hulu today and have already racked up some complimentary/spooky reviews.

Vox staff writer, Caroline Framke, said that the series is, "the kind of story that curls up in the pit of your stomach, settles into a gnarled knot, and stays for a long, long while."

Creepy! Luckily for Samira Wiley, we cannot say the same about her oceanic dress. Instead, we think it’s the kind of dress that gives us butterflies in our stomachs and settles into a heart-eyes emoji for a long, long while!

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