Here’s what happens when you have the same name as your professor (hint: you prank people)

Mark McKenna is a student at the University of the West Scotland and has the same first and last name as his professor. So naturally, things can get a little confusing for the other students (not so much for Mark McKenna and Mark McKenna, since they both know who they are). And it’s kind of hilarious.

One student in particular, Gary Kavanagh, needed to e-mail Professor McKenna, because he wasn’t able to make a lecture due to inclement weather. But he accidentally emailed Mark McKenna the student instead. Oops.

McKenna received the email from his classmate, and basically had two choices. He could have written back to his classmate — letting him know that he is, in fact, not the professor, or he could have written back pretending to be the professor.

He chose the latter, because sometimes life is just more fun when you take advantage of hilarious mistakes.

Here’s Kavanagh’s email to not his professor:

His excuse seems totally legit. When weather causes the train to be canceled, what’s a student to do? Not go to class, and email the professor to let him or her know. That’s what. So the response he received from the “professor” probably wasn’t exactly what he was expecting.

McKenna explained to Mashable what happened after he sent the email. “Just thought it would be funny to wind one of the boys up,” he said. “Didn’t think it would go this far though haha.” He added that Kavanagh eventually realized his mistake. “I was with him today!” he said. “I posted it on our uni group chat and then he realised what he had done!”

It sounds like the prank was all in good fun. Sometimes you just gotta spice things up a bit, and what better way to do that then taking advantage of the times you get an accidental email or text — in a funny, harmless way, of course.

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