What happens when you have the same name as a famous person

By now, everyone’s probably pretty familiar with the Humans of New York project. The man behind the idea is photographer Brandon Stanton, who journeys around New York taking photos of people on the street and asking them to share stories about their lives. There are the heartbreaking stories, the stories of happiness and excitement, the anonymous stories, and the stories that just totally make your day. No matter what, the project is always a good reminder that everyone has something special or unique to share, and no two individuals are the same—even if they share the same name.

On Saturday, the project got a hilarious boost when Brandon posted the story of a young girl who just happened to share a name with Queen Bey herself — Beyoncé. She talked a little bit about what it’s like to have the same name as a celebrity:

Little did we know that on this day, all the people who happened to be the name-twin of a celeb decided to emerge in the comments section on Facebook. Apparently, as BuzzFeed first pointed out, there are a LOT more of them than you might think. And don’t worry, they’ve all heard the jokes, and they’d probably prefer it if you kept them to yourself.

Here are just a few of the great shows of solidarity for the other Beyoncé.

Has someone coined the term #celebritynameproblems yet? Can we make that a thing?

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