Samantha Bee’s ‘Daily Show’ goodbye has us holding back tears

We don’t care that Jon Stewart has a perfectly legitimate reason for stepping down as host of The Daily Show, we’re still in mourning. Ever since he made his departure announcement, each episode has become more and more bittersweet as we slowly watch the countdown clock tick towards his final episode on August 6th. Last night’s episode was no exception. In fact, last night’s episode was perhaps more bittersweet than most because it meant saying goodbye to Samantha Bee, one of the show’s most-beloved correspondents.

Samantha first joined The Daily Show on July 10, 2003, and not only was she the sole female correspondent until Kristen Schaal came in 2008 — but she’s also been the correspondent with the longest tenure. Additionally, she’s the first non-American correspondent as she originally hails from Toronto. She announced her departure from The Daily Show after her husband and fellow correspondent Jason Jones left about a month ago. Samantha is leaving to host her own satirical news show on TBS (yas), and the husband-and-wife team are also co-producing a family comedy for the same network. She’s brilliant. She’s hilarious. And we’re so sorry to see her go, but equally excited to keep following her career.

On last night’s episode, The Daily Show paid tribute to some of Samantha’s funniest bits and interviews and, [wo]man there were tons of them. When the clip reel ended, Samantha was brought out to take a final bow and like the rest of us, was reduced to little more than a teary farewell.

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While she’ll be bringing her talents elsewhere, we’ll definitely miss Samantha’s amazing comedic timing as a part of The Daily Show. And we will always remember the trail blazing she did for other female correspondents who now are essential to this incredible team.