You must watch this hilarious and frustrating video of Samantha Bee reading sexist internet comments about herself

As a woman who writes on the internet, I am all too familiar with the horror show called the comments section. The internet is responsible for so many wonderful, wonderful things — and it is also responsible for birthing what can best be referred to as misogynistic trolls — the men who hide behind computers to express their hatred of women and their feelings of inadequacy.

Samantha Bee is a feminist woman in the public eye who uses her television platform, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, to discuss important political and social issues — often ones that especially impact women.

Because Samantha Bee is a woman whose work can be found on the internet, she, too, is subjected to an onslaught of sexist comments.

During last night’s episode, Bee courageously read a few of the nauseating YouTube comments directed toward her in the “Real or Fake” segment of her show. Bee guessed which messages were real and which had been falsely crafted by her writers.


Her facial expression pretty much sums it up. It is not pleasant.

Let’s talk about a few of the real comments, shall we?


Samantha Bee laughs in disbelief, asking, “Is that real? Oh my god.”


Once she stops laughing, she succinctly states, “I am not getting a good feeling from humanity.”


Bee is hilariously stumped by this one. “I don’t understand that comment… That’s a complicated person. That’s a person who was like, ‘I nailed it. I f**king nailed it with that comment and I’m gonna show her.’ And we’re all completely puzzled — it’s puzzling.” Bee sarcastically adds, “Good for you. Keep writing,” before cracking up.


“That’s just mean to J.K. Rowling — she’s amazing.”

The video is so good because it laughs in the face of every misogynistic commenter who pathetically trails outspoken women. It’s CATHARTIC. You definitely need to watch the full thing and bask in Samantha Bee’s feminist takedown of the notorious internet commenter.

Thanks for always being real, funny, and unwavering, Samantha Bee.

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