This Samantha Bee segment hilariously points out the flaws with #AllLivesMatter

Are you watching Full Frontal with Samantha Bee? Well, you should be. Samantha Bee is not only hilarious, but talks about a lot of key issues happening in the world. She’s definitely filling a void that Jon Stewart left after he signed off with The Daily Show. On a recent episode, she tackled the #BlackLivesMatter movement and pretty much clued us in as to why so many people protest it, while clearly having no idea what it means.

Bee and her team hit up people at the RNC last week, and interviewed them to see what their thoughts were on the movement. The results will definitely surprise you (or they might depressingly not surprise you, to be honest).

One of the best moments was when the Sam squad chatted up a young black Trump supporter, who believed that people should stop being labeled.

“How many times have you been pulled over by a cop?” he was asked. His response?


Those at the RNC also had difficulty saying the phrase “Black Lives Matter,” instead interrupting it with “All Lives Matter.” Some even felt like the term was an evil “chant” — one person even falsely identified the movement as “bordering on domestic terrorism.” (Cue laugh/sob track.)

The segments also tossed together opinion and fact, straight from the news, showing that many people (in Samantha’s words) had “cotton in their ears” when it comes to the truth. It also identified the fact that many people are confused, or unaware of how to approach the issue, so they dodge it or form opinions based solely on assumption. For example, one woman admitted that she didn’t know whether or not to refer to people as “African American, or black,” and was quickly told that… well, you can ask the person individually what phrase they preferred. Easy, right?

This short segment should be required viewing — as always, Samantha Bee and her team handled the issue perfectly.

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