Samantha Bee is about to make TV history yet again

There’s no stopping the hilarious Samantha Bee. Since the premiere of her incredible late-night show, Full Frontal, she’s been changing the face of late night TV. And she has not taken the opportunity of being the first woman in charge of a satirical news show for granted. Episode after episode, she’s brings a refreshing take on controversial news stories while simultaneously educating and entertaining us. In short, we are in awe of her.

And the comedy queen will be making history yet again by becoming the first female late night TV host to interview a sitting U.S. president.


According to a statement released by TBS, the next episode of her show will feature an interview of President Obama. In true Samantha Bee fashion, even her press release is filled with her razor-sharp wit.

The release is titled, "Samantha Bee Interviews her First Male President, Barack Obama."

The wording of the rest of the release is as thoughtful as the title itself, making sure to include the world “male” before “president.” Rather than focusing on Obama himself, the description of the interview focuses on his support of Hillary Clinton.

The release even describes what Obama wore, saying "The conversation with America's male president, who wore a flattering wool suit paired with sensible leather flats..." and goes on to describe a number of the powerful women Bee has already interviewed on her show. 

Of course, talking about what the president was wearing during the interview seems completely off-topic, yet Bee does so because it’s something many women in politics deal with. By casually inserting the description in her own press release, she’s subtly calling out the ridiculousness of describing women in similar terms because she’s amazing like that.


The interview will air on TBS on Monday, October 31st at 10:30 p.m. We have no doubt it will be absolutely brilliant like everything Samantha Bee does.

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