Thank you, Sam Smith, for this amazing ‘Love, Actually’ tribute

Last night’s Billboard Music Awards had a lot of high points, but one of our absolute favorites was Sam Smith’s acceptance speech after winning Top Male Artist. Smith, who is recovering from vocal chord surgery and couldn’t attend the show himself, appeared via a pre-recorded video that borrows a move from our fave Love, Actually scene.

In case you’ve somehow never seen Love, Actually (how?!), in one very romantic move Andrew Lincoln (yes, Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead), wins some serious romance points when he shows up at the door of his unrequited love (hi Keira Knightley) and confesses his adoration via cue cards. Yes, he only does it on cue cards because her husband (aka, his best friend) is inside watching TV so he has to make his declaration of love on the DL, but still! Like, can we relive this for a second? It was amazing.

Since Smith was still recovering from surgery and couldn’t speak, he opted to deliver his speech on cue cards a la that very romantic scenes.

He also takes some time to shout out a few artists, including T. Swift (for some betting help) and Nikki Minaj (with a nod to ‘Anaconda’). And he has a special surprise ready for Ed Sheeran.

Of course, Top Male Artist wasn’t the only award Smith took home last night. He won Top New Artist and Top Radio Song Artist, as well. He was also nominated in a ton of categories, including for his single ‘Stay With Me’. He deserves all the awards.

Have a peek at Smith’s short, sweet and oh-so-cheeky speech. Get well soon, Sam and thanks for the Love Actually feels.

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