Sam Smith got every Harry Potter fan’s dream for his birthday

Yesterday was Sam Smith’s birthday, and he’s feeling the big 2-3. While we can only offer up a BIG BIG, collective “happy birthday!” as a present, his sisters actually got him the best present ever: a real, authentic Harry Potter wand. Joking are we not.

So while Smith didn’t go through the whole wand selection process at Ollivanders, I imagine his sisters know him well enough to figure out what kind of magical core is best for him. But did they complete the whole process of shopping at Diagon Alley with a robe and an owl, too?? That’s the only thing that could take a Harry Potter-themed birthday to the next level. Also some Butterbeer? Smith, we’ve gotta hear some more deets.

He quickly uploaded a picture doing his best swish and flick, with the caption, “My sisters are actually the $&@! BEST.” We agree, and as common Muggles we’re super jealous.

Smith is having an amazing week after scoring three awards(!!!) at the Billboard Music Awards this last Sunday. Unfortunately, he couldn’t attend the event since he’s in the process of recovering from vocal cord surgery. Here’s to a speedy recovery, Sam Smith! And if the healing process is taking a little longer than you’d like —hey, now you’ve got your wand.

Image via here.

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