Sam Neill and Ewan McGregor just re-enacted “Jurassic Park” and we can’t stop laughing

It’s no secret that we love all things Jurassic Park. While we might not be as big a superfan as some, we are definite fans… especially of the original. Well, Sam Neill and Ewan McGregor (along with Spy actress Miranda Hart) just made our dinosaur dreams come true when they reenacted the famous brachiosaurus scene from Jurassic Park, and we can’t stop laughing:

Ewan McGregor and Sam Neill were on the BBC’s The Graham Norton Show, and Sam Neill spilled some behind the scenes information about what it was like to shoot that iconic blockbuster.

Well, that’s an image we’ll never get out of our head.

For comparison, here’s the scene from the film:

Over thirty years later and Sam Neill still can replicate that same look!

Until then, we’ll just be re-watching Jurassic Park.