Women are showing their “granny panties” for an inspiring reason

As we all (sadly) know, this world is excellent at shaming women for just about any and everything. From wearing too much makeup to not enough, from having too much plastic surgery to, again, not enough, it seems like we can’t make a single choice about our bodies without public scrutiny. It’s overwhelming, and frankly quite exhausting.

Only now, thanks largely to the power of the interwebs, we’re clapping back louder than ever. And this week, it’s about our freedom to wear comfortable underwear.

No. Seriously.

On Sunday, Daily Mail Australia published an article shaming Sunrise host Samantha Armytage for having visible panty lines while casually shopping in Sydney. That was literally all that this article was about.

The nerve she has, right?

Women in Australia and all over the world were outraged on Armytage’s behalf, and to show their solidarity with the journalist and news presenter, many began posting photos of their own “granny panties” with hashtags like #UndiesOutForSam, #PutOutYourGrannyPanties, and #BigUndiesOutForSam.

Some Twitter users, like journalist Lauren Day, are calling for feminists everywhere to stop reading Daily Mail Australia, period.


And as Julia Morris points out, even Carrie Bradshaw rocked a granny panty or two in her day.

Armytage herself is yet to comment on the Daily Mail article or the overwhelmingly negative response to it, but either way, it’s heartwarming to see Twitter rally behind an important, lady-friendly cause.

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