A salute to Emily Blunt, who gives us all the fashion goals on the regular

Ever since Emily Blunt paired bright blue eyeshadow with her bright red hair in The Devil Wears Prada, she has basically become a fashion icon. While her roles in movies range from a singing baker’s wife in Into the Woods to a hunted FBI agent in Sicario, Emily’s red carpet (and life in general) style is nothing short of inspirational. She never shies away from bold outfits, and, is it just me or can she pull of literally any hair color ever?

As you plan your outfits for the rest of the week, maybe keep Emily’s amazing taste in the back of your mind. And blue eyeshadow at the top of your makeup bag.

Here are ten times Emily Blunt made us wish we were Emily Blunt:

1. Last night, when she channeled a dancing girl emoji in this gorgeous red dress.

2. This dress is fantastic: the top looks like a game of “Snake” and the bottom looks like a pastel game of checkers. It’s fun on so many levels.

3. Hello, casual tuxedo!

4. Remember when Emily showed up to the premiere of Into the Woods giving off princess vibes? I bet this gown had epic twirling capacity.

5. This backless number is Old Hollywood perfection.

6. Hey, Emily, can I borrow this dress for work on Monday? Thanks!

7. That time Emily wore a messy braid, like the kind of braid I wake up with after a nap, and she made it totally glamorous.

8. “This old thing?”

9. How does she manage to look so sleek and poised while also not immediately spilling spaghetti sauce on this classy outfit?

10. All the times her ensemble consisted of a t-shirt, jeans, and two cute dudes. Fashion goals. Life goals. 

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(Image via Instagram.)