This ice cream shop offers insane flavors, and we don’t know how to feel about some of them

Summer isn’t for a couple of months, but the heat waves those of us in certain parts of the country have been experiencing mean we’ve been getting fully on board the cool-treat train maybe a little earlier than we usually would. Luckily, between the Unicorn Frappuccino and Salt & Straw’s crazy ice cream flavors, we don’t have to look far for options.

The latter is a shop with nine locations — in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Portland (where it started six years ago) — and the West Hollywood location is offering some pretty out-there varieties we’re really intrigued by.

As reported by Seventeen, the West Hollywood store boasts unique mixtures like Baked Alaska (yum!), Black Olive Brittle & Goat Cheese (errrr), and Truffle Mix-Up, which DEFINITELY — banana, strawberry, marshmallow, and truffles.

Here are a few more of the weirder flavors the shop has offered that have us scratching our heads and simultaneously salivating.

Chicken Tinga

Rice Shrimp Sushi with Lime

Green Apple Mayo Sherbet

One-of-a-kind tastebud-tantalizing blends are one thing, but the texture is another that seems to keep customers coming back for more. The ice cream’s base uses 17 percent butterfat as opposed to the usual 10. And it’s whipped up in smaller batches of five to 10 gallons.

The other ingredients also have us nodding in vigorous justifying approval.

For example, the recipe uses zero high-fructose corn syrup or GMOs.

"We've had to search the world for a couple of ingredients, including a corn syrup solid from Germany," Salt & Straw co-owner Kim Malek told the Portland Tribune. "All of these things were expensive and scary, but we tried to build it into our business model."

You can check out all locations’ flavors here, so as to properly plan out your trip to Salt & Straw. Although ice-cream-shop-hopping is also a possibility, right? Like bar hopping, but more societally acceptable on a Sunday afternoon, or something, right? We sure hope so.