All your random questions about hair salon etiquette, FINALLY answered

The salon can be a really fun place to relax, get away from life for a bit and catch up on magazines that you’d really never look at otherwise. But do you know what really ruins a good trip to the salon? Feeling unsure about something and wondering the whole appointment whether you should ask or just Google it when you get home! Suddenly your hour appointment flies by and you haven’t even settled into relaxation mode. We all do it. Mostly just because we feel too silly asking the random, little questions that come up.

But you have me to answer those weird questions! So let’s get to it:

Q: “Is it actually rude to talk on your phone while getting your hair styled?”

A: Definitely not, as long as you check first. My clients are busy ladies. They are realtors, actresses, lawyers, EPA employees, professors and so on. I get that their lives are busy and I understand the need to send a quick email or answer a client phone call. Where it draws the line is when you’ve been talking on your phone for thirty minutes during your processing time and I have to stretch out that time an extra ten because I can’t get you off your phone to rinse your color. Or when you’re just chatting with your girlfriend the whole time about last week’s Mindy Project episode and I keep having to make you switch ears because I can’t style the side your phone is attached to. Keep it professional and keep it quick.

Q: “If I’m not happy with my hair, how many times can I go back to get it fixed?”

A: Always, always let your salon or stylist know when you aren’t happy. It can be a learning experience for your stylist in technique and it can be a learning experience for you in pleasant confrontation. And you should get what you paid for. However, after two appointments of “fixing” the issue, if you still aren’t happy, it’s probably time to move on. Technically, a salon should re-do your hair as many times as it takes to make you happy. However, sometimes the issue isn’t always solvable or you might have a misunderstanding about what can realistically be achieved. Rule of thumb is that after two times, you probably won’t get what you want.

Q: “Why does my colorist take so long to mix color?”

A: Formulating color takes a lot of thought and time. And especially if your stylist wants to get a second opinion about changing your color formula or if your hair has been really resistant lately, they will definitely take their time to make sure it’s perfect. And since a lot of hairdressers work through their lunches, they’ll take the opportunity to snag a few bites while mixing color, too. Or to down a cup of coffee. Also, if we haven’t had time to prep our color supplies or if you’ve made a last minute change (like adding highlights to your all over color), we might have to cut foils or collect extra supplies. It really shouldn’t take more than ten minutes maximum, but know that your colorist is thinking about you and your hair the whole time they are away.

Q: “Who chooses which magazines the salon has on hand?”

A: The salon owner and/or manager always chooses the subscriptions and it’s always dictated by the clientele and atmosphere. At the hotel salon I work at, we carry travel, business, fashion and gossip magazines to hit all of our client’s interests. However, in every salon I’ve ever worked in, the stylists will bring in their own used magazines if there aren’t any in the salon they love. And clients usually end up bringing old magazines in as well.

Q: “What really happens with the images my stylist takes of my hair?”

A: Depends on your stylist, but you should always ask before letting them take photos. Most stylists just want to have a visual of their work for other clients to look at. Some want to post to social media and share their work with the world and others want to actually post said photos to their online portfolios. If you aren’t comfortable with having your photo taken, just say so! But if you are, it can be really fun to see your gorgeous, styled hair scrolling through your stylist’s newsfeed.

Q: “Do I have to talk to my stylist if I’m not feeling it?”

A: Absolutely not! Some people just really enjoy the quiet and peace of sitting there getting their hair done and that’s totally fine. In fact, as a stylist with a chatty clientele, sometimes it’s nice for me to just zone in on my work and quietly get the job done. If you aren’t wanting to talk, I would just let your stylist ask you a few questions and politely, but quickly respond. She’ll get it that you aren’t feeling like talking after a few short, quick answers and let you be. If not, feel free to politely let her know you just want to zone out. Or bring a book and pretend to read! ?

Q: “Is it weird if I don’t take that product my stylist recommended?”

A: No way! Every stylist knows that they have a few secret weapons in the form of product that can really help your hair. That’s why they ask so many questions about how you style it, how you treat it and if it’s changed with the season. Every recommendation is just meant to show you what you could use to get perfectly fabulous hair everyday or to combat that static you told them about. It should be clear you don’t have to feel pressured to spend more money, but if it’s not, I’m telling you that’s the case.

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