Salma Hayek got in a fight with her husband over his relationship with an app

Salma Hayek can tell a story about anything and have us hanging on her every word. Even if the story Salma’s telling is about her husband cheating. Or not actually cheating, but Hayek thought he was having an affair. The story is so endearing and funny, and with her alluring accent, we’re all ears.

Hayek’s French businessman-husband, François-Henri Pinault, decided he wanted to lose his French accent. He told his wife he was going to lose it faster than she’d be able to lose her Spanish accent.

On Friday, Hayek told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that she saw a suspicious message on her husband’s phone from some woman named “Elena.” Elena was inviting Pinault to practice English with her.

But Salma Hayek wasn’t having it.

“Jimmy, I’m Mexican, you know,” Hayek, the no-nonsense feminist, told Jimmy about how she was about to fly off the handle over Elena’s proposition. “I was so furious, and I said, ‘Well, obviously she’s desperate.’”

But Hayek decided to play it cool and not bring it up. But, over dinner that night, her fiery blood got the better of her.

“I’m eating and I go, ‘Who the hell is Elena?!’ she explained

“You tell Elena you can practice your English with me!”

Her husband laughed. Turns out the message was not from “Elena,” but from ELSA.

“It’s an app,” her husband told her. ELSA is an app that teaches you to speak English fluently.

Poor Pinault. Having to listen to his gorgeous wife accuse him of hilarious things in her freaking adorable accent. We feel for him.