Salma Hayek face swapping with Donald Trump is a magical thing you need to see

Celebrity faces swaps are alternately fascinating and terrifying. We’re also pretty confused about why when an extremely attractive person face swaps with a second extremely attractive person, the UBER-attractive person it creates doesn’t make our iPhones explode. But we digress: the lovely Salma Hayek has face swapped with Donald Trump and it’s really, really funny.

“I was wondering what would happen if Donald Trump had Hispanic heritage so I did a face swap,” Salma says in the Snapchat posted last night. The resulting Face Swap looks a lot like Amy Poehler when she played men on Saturday Night Live, for some reason:


“I don’t know why he’s complaining,” Salma says, giving an OK sign with her fingers. “He can use some of my Latin genes.”

She then hashtagged the goofy vid #MexicanProud and #funny, making it pretty clear how she feels about the candidate who claims he will build a wall on the Mexican border.

It is pretty funny . . . but we prefer the regular, gorgeous, total knockout Salma Hayek instead.

You can watch the whole face swap below — and hey, maybe try swapping with Trump yourself, too.

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