Salma Hayek clapped back at a troll who told her she had too much Botox

If you’re going to pick on Salma Hayek, then you should be ready feel the wrath of the entire internet (Hayek included). When a troll tried to knock the 53-year-old actress down a few pegs by telling her she has gotten “too much Botox,” Hayek responded gracefully, and hilariously, thus proving that she is not a celeb to mess with online.

The troll left a comment on a February 18th photo Hayek posted to her Instagram, which she captioned “#wind #aire.” She, of course, looks absolutely stunning in her tropical surroundings, and followers were quick to drop heart-eyes emojis and positive comments.

However, one person had to drag it all down by writing, “Too much Botox. Not needed Salma!” And uh, Hayek had something to say about that.

Just watch the way Hayek turned that insult into a compliment. It’s honestly genius.

"I don’t have Botox," Hayek wrote back, as captured by the Comments By Celebs Instagram account. "But thank you for the advice because I was thinking maybe it’s time."

And everyone in the comments agrees with Hayek. “She’s perfect. They need to learn it’s all in the genes,” one person wrote. Another added, “Lol when you know nothing about someone but start assuming shit with a lot of confidence.”

Someone else wrote, “Imagine saying that to freaking Salma Hayek.” And honestly, so true. The nerve!

It, of course, is no one’s business if Hayek wants to get Botox or anything else. She, and everyone else, should feel free to present themselves in whatever way makes them feel good. Stay in your lane, trolls. Stay in your lane.

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