Salma Hayek looks like an ’80s mermaid in her holographic gown

Okay, okay, we know we’re supposed to be grown-ups. We’re supposed to “adult” and think about adult things — like what’s for dinner, what our budget is, if we have enough wine in our fridge to get us through the week. But what truly makes adult life worth living is infusing it with a bit of fantasy. Mermaids, unicorns, zombies…these trends go from food to clothing to our personal lives and back again. Example: Salma Hayek’s holographic Gucci gown is a mermaid fantasy straight out of the ’80s and it’s reminding us that there is still some magic in the world.

Salma’s off-the-shoulder dress featured all-over sequins and soft draping, which meant this classic ’80s silhouette got a modern twist. Instead of volume being the center of attention, the iridescent lavender-blue color was. But thanks to the fabric bows at the shoulder and hip of the dress, there wasn’t a lack of anything with this look, and that includes volume too.

The rest of Salma’s look lent itself to the dress, with some majorly glam details that complemented the mermaid aesthetic without overpowering it. With half of her hair pulled back and slick, silver and blue diamond earrings, and bubblegum pink lips, Salma’s beauty and accessory game was just as on-point as the rest of her look.


Salma finished off the ensemble with a blue leather Gucci clutch, adding another dimension of elegance to this outfit. If you’re looking to infuse your wardrobe with some magic, then can we suggest a holographic dress?

Extra points if you look like a mermaid à la Salma.

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