Sally Field shamelessly wants Adam Rippon to date her son, and her matchmaking skills are seriously on point

Some moms are naturally cool moms. One such woman is Sally Field. The Oscar-winning actress just showed the world that although 2018 just started, she’s in the running to become Mom of the Year. And while some of our parents are a bit technologically shy, Sally Field used the power of social media to potentially find a new son-in-law. Her son, Sam Greisman, told his mom that he has a crush on Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon. And can you blame him? Everyone loves Rippon, including celebs like Britney Spears and Reese Witherspoon, who have both tweeted at the Olympian.

Here’s how the mom-tastic matchmaking all went down. First, Greisman tweeted a screenshot of a text conversation between him and his mom. Field agreed that Rippon is too gorgeous to resist and basically told her son to shoot his shot. “Sam…he’s insanely pretty. Find a way…” read the message. Well, when Field wrote “find a way,” she really meant it. Don’t take your time. Don’t think about it too long. Do it now. Stat!

And being the awesome mother she is, Sally Field had no problem helping her son find that way, with the help of technology. She decided to @ Rippon in Greisman’s original tweet.

OMG, did Sally Field really just…?! Yes. Yes, she did.

While our heads would normally explode if someone directly @’d our crush to expose our feelings, we can’t be mad at Field for helping her son find love with an Olympic athlete. It’s Adam Freakin’ Rippon, after all.

Greisman responded to his mom’s tweet with one simple word.

As you’d expect, the replies under Sally Field’s tweet praised her for being proactive and even “mother of the year.”

The tweet even has some people wondering if Field will offer her matchmaking skills for others!

Two-time Oscar-winner/matchmaker? Hmmm… false

But the one response we’re waiting for is Adam Rippon’s.

We assume that he’s busy, you know, with the whole Winter Olympics thing, so we’ll give him a second.

Want something done? Tell your mom! We can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

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