Today in Important! Mother Teresa will soon be a saint

If you think getting into a good college or hired for your dream job is hard, try becoming a saint. It’s near-impossible.

For the late Mother Teresa, it’s taken nearly 20 years for the Vatican to finally approve of her canonization, meaning that the world’s most famous nun will be soon be recognized as belonging among the holiest of the holy.

Today, the Vatican announced that following her 2003 beatification for performing at least one miracle, the Catholic Church has confirmed that Mother Teresa performed the requisite two miracles in her lifetime and will be made Saint Teresa sometime next year.

According to NBC, the second miracle was performed after Mother Teresa cured a Brazilian man of a brain disease. Her first miracle involved an Indian woman who said praying to Mother Teresa cured her tumor.

Mother Teresa came to prominence in the 20th century for her work with the disenfranchised and impoverished in India, especially those living in Calcutta, and eventually throughout the world. Though she was born in the Ottoman Empire (now Macedonia) into an Albanian family, she moved to India in 1948 and while there experienced a calling to work with the poorest of the poor. At age 40, she founded Missionaries of Charity, a religious order and humanitarian organization of more than 5,000 sisters that continues to serve the sick, disabled, poor, young, and elderly. For her work, Mother Teresa was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

While the Vatican hasn’t announced an official date for her canonization, many suspect that it will fall on September 4, the 19th anniversary of Mother Teresa’s death, and in conjunction with the Jubilee of Mercy, a yearlong celebration of charity and compassion among Catholics.

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