These ‘Sailor Moon’ cakes are out of this world (and look delicious)

If you ever want to experiment with some out-of-this-world (literally) cake recipes, we have just the thing for you: Sailor Moon cakes. Inspired by the girl-power-fueled anime series, professional baker Katharina McCawley decided to create the blog Pretty Cake Machine, a platform where she would be able to share recipes influenced by pop culture. Foodies and lovers of all things sweet and sugary were so into it, McCawley even created CakeforReddit, so she could share more photos of her rad, delicious-looking work.

The food blogger especially has a soft spot for Sailor Moon because she grew up with the show, and it had such a meaningful impact on her. McCawley tells Daily Dot, “I started watching Sailor Moon in Germany when I was about 8! As I grew older I got into the manga and later seasons and kept finding new messages to love, which I think is the case for lots of fans my age. It was so ahead of its time in terms of showing strong, complex female characters. I actually think it’s still ahead of most media today in the regard.”

So, as an ode to Sailor Moon‘s powerful, feminist message, she’s baked nine planetary designs, each representing a character from the show, and which astrological sign she reigns. She also shared her process and her recipes with readers. Take a look at some of her baked works of art (along with some blog commentary on creating them) and try not to drool.


Ami’s Creme de Menthe Ice Cream: “I won’t lie, Sailor Mercury’s dessert gave me hell. I ended up experimenting with the ice cream base for days because it just would not firm up. Three days I struggled, weeping and gnashing my teeth instead of enjoying the creamy, frosty goodness I desired. . .As an absolute last ditch effort, I toggled the settings on my freezer. Suddenly, it firmed up beautifully.”


Chibiusa’s Strawberry Cotton Candy Saint Honoré: “I was discussing this dessert series with some friends a while ago, in particular to brainstorm Chibiusa. I had planned a strawberry shortcake for her, which was fitting but. . . well, boring. My friend Katie. . .chimed in with an absolutely magical suggestion: cotton candy. It couldn’t have been more perfect. To expand on the idea and to create a bit of a link to Usagi’s dessert, I decided to go with something involving cream puffs. Thus, the strawberry and cotton Gâteau Saint Honoré was born.”


Makoto’s Pistachio Strawberry Mousse Cake: “Since she’s a kindred spirit, I played around with more ideas for Makoto than any of the other Senshi. Her dessert went through about 5 different design phases, but the idea of a white chocolate lightning cage, strawberry mousse and pistachio cake were consistent. This dessert is perfectly light and is topped with a lovely little lightning surprise: pop rocks!”


Haruka’s Yuzu, Ginger and Honey Opera Cake: “I’m going to be honest… Haruka’s dessert was the difficult for me so far. I had the flavor profiles set pretty early, but her aesthetic was simultaneously so specific and so hard to pin down that I just could not figure out the decor at all. . .Thankfully, I have a really honest group of friends to help me in these moments.”


Setsuna’s Blood Orange and Cardamom Sphere: “Sailor Pluto was one of the desserts in this series that I figured out immediately. It basically went like this: ‘Garnet Orb. . . Blood Orange! Cardamom would be amazing with blood orange! Done!’”

Actually, she’s not even close to done. For more Sailor Moon-inspired cakes, head on over to Pretty Cake Machine, and prepare to lose yourself in some incredible desserts that probably taste even better than they look.

(Images via Pretty Cake Machine)