Sagittarius season is here, and it’s time to step out of your own way

After a couple of spooky months filled with lots of Scorpio energy—which has left us feeling dizzy and tired—we can finally rejoice because Sagittarius season has arrived!

Sagittarius season is all about stepping out of our gloomy, serious, deep, and tortured way, and stepping into and enjoying more generous and joyful moments. And because of the pre-holidays rush of energy, you can also expect to feel ecstatic, joyful, and excited for the new year.

When this energy arrives on November 22nd, you may feel more inclined to visualize and manifest your dreams. To put it plainly, this means setting the intention to receive what you desire, formulating your desires to the universe, releasing it, and waiting for the universe to deliver your wishes. Sounds pretty optimistic and cool, right? Well, this is Sag energy after all. And what do we do right before the new year? We take the time to plan our new goals and dreams, duh.

However, try not to take this manifesting thing as a joke. Whether you already do this as a weekly practice or you think it’s a bit too woo-woo for you, give it a try. Just pick the thing you want, visualize how it feels, how you feel having it, and why you want it. Try to imagine as many details as possible and envision it being yours. And once you have this nice mental picture, let it go. This isn’t the time to force anything else. Trust that the Universe will answer—because when you do, things will fall into place.

But don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sagittarius season is here to help make your aspirations come true. If you’re struggling with anything in particular, tell the Universe what your concerns are. Then ask for help and guidance, and be open to receive the answers. If you ask, it will be given.

The truth is, Sagittarius season is magical, but it’s not so much about the magic as it is about the power of our spirit and our power over the material world. It’s not so much about “divine intervention” as it is about realizing that our own mindsets and beliefs are sometimes what get in the way of our growth—because after all, this is what Sagittarius season is about: growth.

Of course, Sagittarius season is also about generosity, friends, and travels. Now is a good time to plan a trip, go out with your friends, and expand your circle of friends. Don’t be shy—the possibilities are endless. And remember, you’re the only one getting in your way! So step ahead to let your dreams come through. 

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