The continuing saga of Blink-182, explained in Blink-182 gifs

All is not right in the world of pop-punk boy band rock. If you’re not up to date on the drama happening right now, it boils down to this: Blink-182 is in turmoil. As of today, they’re rehearsing for performances without one of their three members, Tom DeLonge. There’s been a lot of hostile back and forth between the trio, and a lot of he said/he said. These guys were responsible for A LOT of our feelings in high school, and it hurts to see them so angry with one another. The band’s upset. The fans are besides themselves. They’ve actually already broken up once before, but now it looks like this fallout might stick.

But, how did Blink-182 even get to this point? Let’s back up a bit, and retell the story of our favorite high school band in the best way we know how—with lots of Blink-182 gifs.

Blink-182 was formed like many bands back in the day, through mutual friends. It actually included members Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Scott Raynor. But soon, after their first album (and a dozen shows) Raynor left the band and was replaced by Travis Barker. Those three are the Blink-182 we know and love today.

Their first HUGE album was Enema of the State. Not a day went by where we didn’t see “All The Small Things” in heavy rotation on TRL.

DeLonge wasn’t really into the commercialized pop-punk music, and wanted to record more guitar driven hard rock music. DeLonge asked Barker to play the drums for him during a side project, and that hurt Hoppus since he wasn’t included. This was the first rift for the band, and they took some time off for themselves. It wasn’t an all out fight, though. They were still cool with each other.

They soon recorded another album. The guys were now all dads, and their music matured just a little bit. A really little bit.

DeLonge consequently wanted to spend more time with his family. This caused tension between the three of them and ultimately lead to an “indefinite hiatus” in 2005.  AKA, they broke up for real. DeLonge wanted to be with his family — which is a totally cool and awesome thing to want, TBH — but Hoppus and Barker didn’t want to take so much time off (about two years) before they started recording/touring again. The band broke up anyway. Hoppus and Barker then went on to form +44. DeLong went on to form Angels & Airwaves.

OK, but then in 2009 they presented as a group at the Grammys and formally announced on their website that they were back together. Blink-182 was going to record a new album and then tour. It felt like all was right in the world.

Then, they recorded another album, and toured again. Nothing out of the ordinary. That’s what musicians do.

However, just last year, they went to go record another album (which would have been their 5th together), but it was hit with a ton of delays. This is where everything began to fall apart. The plan was for Blink-182 to record and release an album by the end of 2015…..but……

Hoppus and Barker were informed that DeLonge wanted to focus more on Angels & Airwaves. Hooper and Barker took this to mean that DeLonge had quit the band. So, Hoppus and Barker asked Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba to play with them at an upcoming festival. This shocked DeLonge, who fired back, saying that he hadn’t quit.

THEN, Hoppus and Barker talked to Rolling Stone and basically said that there’s been trouble in Blink-182 paradise for a while. They even mention that DeLonge might be “embarrassed” to be a part of Blink-182 now. DeLonge was NOT happy about any of this..

DeLonge wrote a very length Facebook post, saying that the band had “self-sabotaged.”

DeLonge also cited in his post that the time-frame for releasing a Blink-182 album in 2015 was a bit too much (it was supposed to be done in less than six months) and ends his post by stating that, “Never planned on quitting, just find it hard … to commit.”

So, is he part of the band? Did he really quit? Are they recording again? Are they ever going to tour again? If he doesn’t perform with the band anymore, doesn’t that kinda mean he’s quit? SO MANY QUESTIONS. The future of Blink-182 is all over the place. It seems like Barker and Hoppus want to tour — and will tour — without DeLonge. And DeLonge doesn’t appear to be too happy with his band-members anyway. Will they stick it out and make it work, for old time’s sake (and money)? It doesn’t look good for the Blink boys, according to some industry experts.

Aw come on guys. Remember this?

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