Sad news for those of us who loved Shoshanna’s quirky style on HBO’s “Girls”

We have sad news if you are both a fan of the show Girls, and someone who likes to emotionally fuse their favorite actresses to the roles they play. A recent article featured in WWD revealed that Zosia Mamet hated her wardrobe in HBO’s Girls. This means the bright colors and mix-matched patterns often worn by the hyperactive and robustly virginal Shoshanna never represented even a small portion of Mamet’s style index.

At Spring Studios in Manhattan, during an event celebrating American Express’ Platinum Collective Mamet shared her thoughts on Shoshanna’s style.

She told WWD:

"Literally in six seasons there wasn’t one time that I wanted anything or would have worn anything in real life that Shoshanna wore on the show. Her style is like if trendy took acid."

Is that a bad thing, though?

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Apparently, Mamet opts for more minimalism and less bright patchy outfits when piecing together her everyday look.

She added:

"I would say [my style] is like if Diane Keaton had a baby with the Seventies," she explained. "My wardrobe doesn’t shift that much. I have a plain pair of black Doc Martens that I’ve been wearing pretty nonstop."

Does Mamet’s everyday decision match Shoshanna’s technicolor fictional life in Tokyo? Only time will tell.

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We’re sorry to squash your internal dialogue that melted Shoshanna and Mamet into one cohesive persona.

But those are the knocks.

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Now we can chalk up her convincing commitment to Shoshanna’s fashion to her abilities, rather than a deep-seeded desire for polka dot dresses.

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