Sad Kermit meme is here — and he’s going to make Dark Kermit and Tea Lizard super depressed

In case you haven’t heard, many people in the United States and all around the world have had a pretty lousy 2016. And since the internet is the internet, many people are choosing to express their feelings about said 2016 using — what else — hilarious memes.

Kermit the Frog, once famously dubbed “Tea Lizard” by a Good Morning America social media intern, has been one of the most popular meme subjects around ever since Black Twitter realized that this shot of Kermit drinking Lipton perfectly conveys a “but that’s none of my business” sentiment.

Kermit meme mania also recently spread to Evil Kermit, a dark side of the kindly frog (lizard?) who is always there to guide you through some bad decisions.

As of Tuesday (December 13th), the latest iteration of Kermit to take the interwebs by storm is Sad Kermit, who is just about the cutest and most low-grade depressed little thing that ever was.

Twitter user @JonnySun kicked off the fun with this gem, which is basically me every Sunday night trying to console myself before the work week.

@JonnySun then challenged his followers to use the meme to express sentiments of hope using Sad Kermit.

Some were able to pull it off.



But others just made things super, super depressing.



Has anyone checked on Tea Lizard and Dark Kermit? Do we know if they’re OK? Did Sad Kermit send both of them into the same low-grade depression the rest of us have been living in over the past few months?