This sad Donald Trump cake being taken to Trump Tower is tragically hilarious

So many of us are totally exhausted from what was basically the most intense election cycle of our lives, but here’s something that might brighten your day a teensy bit: this Trump cake being wheeled into Trump Tower.

Literally. If you’ve been feeling stressed about the election, staring at this super weird cake for a while is guaranteed to calm your nerves.

And it’s supposed to be a celebratory cake, right? But no matter how you look at it, there are mixed emotions on Trump’s cake face. We’ve never seen him look quite like this in real life…

Of course, it was immediately met with hilarious memes, including Michael Jordan’s crying face.

Thank god for the Internet, right?!

It begs the question…was this cake intended to look so melancholy? Regardless, it’s the most tragically hilarious thing we’ve ever seen.

Not gonna lie, it’s also making us hungry for some cake. Not Trump cake exactly, because that would be weird and creepy, but just good old regular cake. Because even if the election didn’t turn out the way you wanted…it’s always a good time to treat yo’self.

 Seriously, that Trump cake though.

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