Ben Affleck’s sad reaction to the “Batman v Superman” reviews has become an Internet sensation

The hype surrounding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been huge. Probably too huge, because according reviews, the movie isn’t living up to the hype. Amidst all the less-than-great reviews, the cast has been on a press tour, which has no doubt become awkward at times. But something happened during one of the interviews that is both heartbreaking and hilarious, and in our eyes, makes up for all the awful things being said about the movie.

Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill (aka Batman and Superman) were asked if they had heard any of the reviews from the movie, to which Cavill jokingly answered “No, what did they say,” and Affleck said, “I haven’t read any reviews.”

The interviewer went on to read some terrible reviews from critics, and Affleck’s reaction was so, so sad and contemplative, it has since been turned into countless memes. Because of course it has.

Here’s the original video:

We’re going to assume one of three things happened: Either Affleck wasn’t at all prepared for the scathing reviews and was legit super sad about them, he was thinking about something totally unrelated — like what’s for lunch — or he just completely zoned out.

Sitting through hours of interviews can be exhausting. The interviewers typically ask the same questions over and over again. So it wouldn’t at all be surprising if Affleck just, you know, stopped listening.

But either way, his facial expression makes for the best meme and we sort of never want the meme creations to end.