Sabina Karlsson is the curvy, freckle-faced supermodel we’ve been waiting for

With a generous splash of freckles across her face and a mane of red, curly hair, Sabina Karlsson never looked like other models. And because of this, she used to work out three times a day in an effort to fit the harsh body standards of the industry. For awhile, it worked. She strictly dieted and exercised,but as she recently told InStyle, something had to give:

Sabina stopped the crazy diets and allowed her body to return to its natural size: a gorgeous, curvy 14.

You might think gaining weight would have hurt her career, but the opposite is true: Sabina has been booking high profile campaigns left and right, blowing up on Instagram, and just became a new face of Milk Makeup. The Swedish stunner is pretty much on track to take over the fashion world, and we couldn’t be happier.

Sabina’s confidence is contagious, and her Instagram is full of photos and messages encouraging you to love yourself just as you are. The Milk campaign is a huge deal, but we have a feeling it’s just the beginning for Sabina.

Follow her, cheer for her, and watch her open the door for other “nontraditional” models to set a NEW standard for beauty.

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