I tested Ryllace’s plus-size clothing, and here’s what I thought

When a new plus-size brand enters the market, it can feel like a big deal. Unfortunately, size-inclusive brands are few and far between—let alone brands that solely focus on creating clothing in sizes 14 and up. And because there are so few plus-size-only brands, it’s a common to buy an item only to see it on dozens of other women in the following weeks.

When I saw the announcement of the new plus-size brand Ryllace, I was curious about which gap in the market the brand was trying to fill. After all, when there are so many gaps, the possibilities are endless. After doing a little research, it seemed like Ryllace’s slant was to offer high-quality wardrobe staples to women—with a particular emphasis on fabrics and fit.

Reps of the brand generously sent me a few pieces (the silk tank top and cashmere cocoon duster) when it first launched, and from those two pieces alone one thing was very clear: The fabric was higher-quality than that of most other plus-size brands I’m familiar with, if not all. The sweater was a little too long and drapey for my taste, but it felt glorious. When I saw it was priced at $348, I was a little surprised, but hey…cashmere is cashmere. And personally? I’m thrilled there are now more options for plus-size people looking to wear high-quality cashmere. The silk tank top was equally luxurious-feeling but seemed to run on the smaller side (the sweater was decidedly oversized).


While it was clear that the brand’s fabric was top notch, the two pieces alone hadn’t given me a thorough sense of the brand. I borrowed a few more samples from Ryllace to properly review the overall fit and feel of the new clothing line. I started with the $48 Everyday Tee, which is fairly straight forward. I prefer a slightly higher neck on T-shirts, but the fit and feel of the shirt were great, and the length of the sleeves was also a nice touch.

Additionally, I tried the brand’s Seasonless Wrap Dress, which was also clearly constructed well, though the size I chose didn’t quite work for me. At first glance, the floral pattern and sleeve-length felt slightly dated to me, but overall, it was a solid, soft-to-the-touch wrap dress that could last from season to season—though I suggest sizing down on this one.


The item I was most excited about was the Mezzo Maxi Skirt in Black Dash Floral. I loved how it looked on the model, and while it certainly felt good on, it ran a little big on me and didn’t seem to translate quite as well as it did online.

My favorite item I tried out of all of the pieces, though? The Brooklyn Boxy Cashmere Sweater. The silhouette was classic yet modern, and wearing it felt good. It’s $198, which certainly isn’t cheap, but it also looks like it’s $198. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill, fast-fashion sweater that will fall apart immediately, and it shows. I loved pairing it with jeans and even throwing over a jumpsuit for a quick layering piece.


Overall, Ryllace is the brand to go to if you are looking for high-quality fabrics that feel great on your body. So, if you’re looking to invest in cotton T-Shirts that will actually look put-together (and last a long time) or cashmere to wrap yourself in this holiday season, then you’re in luck with this new brand. The prices might not be cheap, but neither are the fabrics—and that’s the point.

I, for one, am mostly just glad that there are finally more plus-size brands that offer expensive, high-quality options. Because newsflash: People above a size 14 want to invest in their closets, too.

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