Ryan Seacrest was his sister’s ‘man of honor’ and we think that’s such a good idea

For centuries, tradition dictated that a women’s maid of honor should be a close female relative or friend. Ryan Seacrest has never been one for tradition. The celeb  acted as “man of honor” during his sister’s wedding ceremony in Mexico.

More importantly, he was an awesome man of honor.

How could he not be? The man single-handedly hosted America’s greatest singing competition for years! Therefore, the intimate celebration went off without a hitch. Ryan, you are truly a Renaissance man.

Ryan’s sister Meredith serves as an executive director and COO of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. It is a non-profit dedicated to inspiring today’s youth through entertainment and education-focused initiatives. While it seems like Ryan Seacrest has a million things going on, Meredith’s wedding was his top priority.

Meredith married Jimmy Leach, a senior executive at TOMS. His company is known for their philanthropic take on shoes. Meredith wore a Vera Wang gown during the ceremony, and the groomsmen wore Ryan Seacrest Distinction collection suits and accessories.

Seems like Ryan pulled some insider strings for that one! And everyone wore TOMS shoes.

Just look at how supportive big bro was on Meredith’s special day:

As a result of Ryan’s efforts, the entire ceremony was glorious. Probably perfect, if we are being honest! Therefore, men everywhere should know they too can be men of honor. If they so choose to accept the responsibilities, of course.

In conclusion, ladies should start reconsidering the rules surrounding weddings. You might not be lucky enough to have Ryan Seacrest there, but you sure that indulge in a little rule-breaking yourselves. If you want your brother or best male friend to stand beside you when you tie the knot, go for it! Let’s make “men of honor” mainstream.

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