Ryan Seacrest just got serenaded by a random dude on the subway

He used to have a front row seat to budding talent on American Idol, but these days, Ryan Seacrest is meeting singers on the subway. Having just moved to New York City to help co-host Live with Kelly and Ryan, he posted a positively charming video of a subway performer who made his day. Since this happens pretty often in the city, we’re hoping that Seacrest doesn’t get tired of the spontaneous vocal performances anytime soon.

Seacrest tried to flip the camera around and sing a few lines of the song, which was “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King. Even with a flub, he manages to recover. Perhaps the two could truly collaborate on another tune in the future.

Seacrest pretty much lights up while hearing the song, which is a different reaction than the other seasoned New Yorkers are giving off.

"He's not that bad," he comments with enthusiasm.

We also love the fact that Seacrest gave him a little cash at the very end. It’s no ticket to Hollywood, but it’s still pretty kind.

Seacrest started co-hosting Live with Kelly Ripa just this year. According to ABC 7, the two have been friends for close to a decade, meeting during a Disney Christmas day parade.

"There's nobody who brings what Ryan does to the table," Ripa said back in May. "Professionalism, an ease, a family environment, which is very much like what we have here."

And judging by this video, it’s apparent that he isn’t putting on an act. In fact, he was so jazzed that he even mentioned it on the show.


Hopefully he’ll continue sharing his New York City adventures with his fans!