Ryan Reynolds’ parenting tweets are so bad we can’t help laughing

Becoming a parent changes a person, whether it stresses them out permanently or gives them a new drive in live. But for some people, parenting creates a whole new world, and forces a brand new sense of humor. Their horror stories aren’t always funny to them, but to the readers, it’s effing hilarious. Ryan Reynolds is probably the best proof of this *ever* because we’ve been laughing about his ~adventures in parenting~ for ages, and will likely never stop.

Here are some of our faves:

Because WTF is a quiche?

Because Tinder isn’t exactly for babysitting.

Because Miley inspires us all.

Because sometimes we just DON’T want more.

Because we all want famous kids… right?


But Ryan Reynolds knows he’s not the only parent who has ~suffered~.

On his Mother’s Day Insta, he joked, “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. You gave birth to me an excruciating 468 weeks late. I was 9. We were both so happy to be free.”

Parenting is a complicated thing, but since you can’t always cry, sometimes you just have to laugh.

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