The most-tweeted GIF on Twitter will make Ryan Reynolds smile

We love Twitter and we love lists and we love Ryan Reynolds. These things tickle our various fancies (specifically: social media, organization, every other fancy) and so we were really excited when we read the list of the top most-tweeted GIFs on Twitter, because it combines ALL OF THESE THINGS.

If you follow Ryan on Twitter at all, you know that he’s hilarious. Dude could seriously have a second career as a comedian. We’d go see his standup (and it has nothing to do with his face or his abs SHUT UP don’t question our motives, they’re pure), that’s for sure. But this might be his crowning achievement…

Ryan Reynolds NAILED the #1 most tweeted GIF of 2016 spot with this hilarious GIF of his wife, Blake Lively.


We hope that Ryan gives an acceptance speech, or something, and that somebody’s preparing him a trophy, because he deserves the trophy almost as much as we deserve the acceptance speech.

The second most tweeted GIF makes perfect sense — it hits the recent Pokémon Go release, alongside our generations nostalgia for times past, and turns it into an amaaaaazing animation we can’t stop watching.


And last but CERTAINLY not least, the third most-tweeted GIF on Twitter is poop ice cream. Yeah, that’s what we said. Did we stutter?


We hope that you enjoyed this list as much as we enjoyed making it, and retweeted at least the first one, just to make Ryan Reynolds smile, because OBVIOUSLY.

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