In space, no one can hear Ryan Reynolds scream in the trailer for “Life”

The combination of aliens and Ryan Reynolds might be all you need to know about the upcoming film Life, which premiered a new trailer during the Super Bowl. The film follows a team on the International Space Station in 2017 that just wants to bring a research pod back from Mars when they get more than they bargained for. Of course!

Ryan Reynolds, Rebecca Ferguson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Hiroyuki Sanada, Ariyon Bakare, Olga Dihovichnaya star as the 6-person crew who discover the organism from Mars that ends up being way smarter than anticipated. This, as you can probably guess, ends up being a major issue for the team.

In the trailer, they appear to be having a grand ole time with picturesque space views while on their mission. But, it can never just be smooth sailing up there in space. Something always seems to go wrong.


The team starts to encounter some unexpected issues once they bring an organism from Mars onto their ship. They soon realize that it maybe wasn’t the smartest idea and try to contain the rapidly growing beast that is essentially a tiny martian.


Does this remind you of a few other space films? It seems like these astronauts never learn! Have they not seen the same alien films that we all have?

The team must figure out how to survive while also preventing the destruction of Earth if this alien were to make it there. Talk about stress!


While the trailer for this sci-fi thriller might appear to be just another alien movie, it still looks pretty epic and we really want to find out if they make it home. Watch the full trailer below.

You can watch Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the space crew in Life when it hits theaters March 24th!