You’re not alone: Ryan Reynolds can’t figure out IKEA furniture either

Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by IKEA furniture. Yeah, that’s just about all of us.

The thrill of shopping at IKEA quickly fades away as soon as you return home and realize that now you’ve got to put everything together. The instructions might seem easy, and seem like anyone could do them, but actually they’re sometimes impossible. All pictures, no words, and a thousand screws? Been there, done that. Ryan Reynolds has been there, done that, too.

Reynolds is the GQ cover model of the month, and teamed up with the magazine for a hilarious how-to video showing him trying to build a baby crib. Trying being the operative word here. What starts off as being “easy” soon turns to Reynolds on the phone asking if “a representatives or five can come by and make this happen for me.”

But when the going gets tough, Reynolds enlists some trusty duck tape to make the magic happen. Who needs instructions and screws when you can just tape all four corners together? And then throw in some couch cushions for the bedding part of the crib? Pretty sure wife Blake Lively and little baby James are going to LOVE THIS.

No, they are not. It’s the thought that counts, though. So nice work, Reynolds! Dad of the Year awards to come. 

Check out the hilarious video below, but be warned, in his frustration Reynolds drops some NSFW approved words. Deadpool‘s rubbing off on him.

(Image via YouTube.)

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