Ryan Reynolds went trick-or-treating and didn’t tell us

So, it’s Halloween night. You’re casually trick-or-treating with your friends. You keep high-fiving each other because your squad came up with an amazing group costume: the X-Men characters. When a guy in a Deadpool costume comes up to you and asks to take a group photo, you think nothing of it. I mean, who wouldn’t want to take a photo with you? Your costumes are SPOT. ON.

Then, you wake up the next morning and realize that you actually took a group photo with Ryan Reynolds. Yes, the Ryan Reynolds. Yup, that’s your face on Blake Lively’s Instagram. Now, the whole world can see just how much effort you put into your costumes. Finally, you believe that dreams really do come true.

To caption her absolutely perfect photo, Lively stated, “You never know who’s under the mask.” Yeah, you can say that again! Can you imagine all the people who gave Reynolds candy that night? “Thank goodness we brought out the king-size candy bars, honey. Because I think Ryan Reynolds trick-or-treated here,” a person probably said to their partner after they caught up on the news.

Reynolds himself even posted the shot on his own Instagram and hilariously wrote, “Remember, tonight we set our clocks back 34 years. #happyhalloween.” As for his Twitter caption, it couldn’t be more perfect: “Dear Fox, stop changing the timelines. It’s confusing the audience. #xmenassemble #happyhalloween.” 

But really, the actor’s costume looks too legit to quit. Maybe he borrowed it from the costume department? Maybe he had a back-up made for occasions such as this one?

Even though Deadpool won’t be interacting with Team X-Men in his upcoming movie, this Halloween photo still makes us want to pre-order our tickets for February.

[Images via Instagram and Twitter]

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