Ryan Reynolds used Twitter to give a groom some amazing material for his wedding toast

A very internet-savvy groom-to-be took to Twitter to ask every man’s man, Ryan Reynolds, his advice on keeping his wife and his life happy. And we’re like, DUH! What have we been doing all this time, seeking our parents advice, speaking to therapists, consulting horoscopes, kvetching with friends…

…when what we should have been doing is TWEETING AT CELEBRITIES FOR ADVICE? Seems like the best idea ever.

Ryan Reynolds himself had a golden response.

But it’s the dozens of responses from Ryan Reynolds’ followers that have us gripping our sides and wiping tears from our eyes.

So simple.


Nothing is as it seems.

So sincere!

But not like Kim K.


Let Ryan handle it.


Seduce her.


Don’t forget!


So thoughtful.

Do what you can.


The most important thing.

Dirk’s gratitude for all the advice was appropriately great.

With a role model like Reynolds (who’s got two kids with wife Blake Lively), you know he’s gonna be just fiiiine. In the words of Deadpool, “You don’t need to be a superhero to get the girl, the right girl will bring out the hero in you.”

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