Ryan Reynolds reveals why “Deadpool” should get an Oscar with a hilarious video, and we can’t argue with his logic

In Hollywood a lot of movies create videos to help get them noticed for award season and now Deadpool has one! Ryan Reynolds reveals why Deadpool should get an Oscar with his hilarious video and we see where he’s coming from.

On Friday, Reynolds, who plays Deadpool in the action film, released his own For Your Consideration video in order to tell the Academy Awards voters why the movie deserves an Oscar nomination.

This video however isn’t like a normal consideration video.

Instead, in true Deadpool fashion, it’s awkward, hilarious, strange and at times, inappropriate.


Deadpool was nominated for two Golden Globes, to which the actor was very happy about, but an Oscar would be a whole other level.

The video, which Reynolds posted on Twitter without any further commentary, begins with the character jumping off a roof.

“600 pounds of chimichangas, four pairs of ass-less chaps, 12 humiliating minutes on a casting couch,” Reynolds says as images of the movie and random other footage plays.

The footage continues as we see the hero winning and losing. “Seven magical unicorns,” it continues. “Three good walls and a fourth that’s broken,” he adds.

All of these things and more are Reynolds’ reasons for Deadpool being considered for an Oscar, and it’s so funny.

Watch the whole video above and tell us if you think Deadpool should be an Oscar nominee! We’re voting yes, if that matters to anyone.

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