Did you see Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Deadpool’ tweet for Mother’s Day? Yeah, discuss.

Mother’s Day was yesterday, so if you’re just remembering it now, well, you forgot. But that’s OK! Mom will hopefully understand if you tell her you were completely distracted all day staring at the newest, slightly shocking Deadpool picture straight from Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds. He certainly got into the Mother’s Day spirit, providing us with a very cheeky image to honor all moms out there. At least, I think he’s honoring moms . . .  right? Maybe not?

Deadpool (aka Wade Wilson, aka the Merc with a Mouth) is known for his off-kilter humor in the comics. It looks like that’s transitioning over to the film, too, and Reynolds is having a blast playing him. We’ll never forget the first released image of Deadpool on a bear skin rug:

And now he’s made his way into the maternity ward to mug with a newborn baby.

Check it out:

Yes, the image did include some NSFW language, since no one tells Deadpool what he can and can’t do. We’re sure it wasn’t exactly every mom’s Mother’s Day wish—unless she’s a Deadpool fan. (Um, maybe he could have left the woman’s leg out of the photo—we’d still get the idea.) As Deadline put it, the tweet was a sign of the upcoming movie’s “tasteless” tone. Ouch (or “that’s just fine,” depending on your Deadpool devotion.)

As for that “since 1991” date, that’s how long Deadpool’s been around. He made his first comic appearance in The New Mutants #98 in February 1991, and finally got his own comic series in 1997.

We’re still a a year away from Deadpool‘s cinematic release on Feb. 12, 2016, so expect a ton of these surprise, borderline-bizarre images before then. Will he become Dadpool for Father’s dad? How do you think he celebrates Halloween? OK, but most important question, since that baby is probably not James Reynolds, whose baby is that? And what did you think of the tweet?

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