Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool as Hugh Jackman is the weirdest case of inception ever

By now, we here at Hello Giggles are all majorly psyched to see Ryan Reynolds in the new Deadpool movie. In fact, we’ve been following the progress of the film with updates all year long, from the first glimpses at Reynolds in character to the first teaser trailer to a few days later with the highly NSFW trailer (along with a SFW trailer for those who aren’t fans of colorful, four-letter words).

Like I said, we are stoked about this anti-hero flick because it is a. completely different from probably every other comic book film that’s been released to date (I mean, Deadpool is freaking pansexual! That would’ve never flown with Spider-Man), and b. because who can resist the antics of the frequently dashing Ryan Reynolds (he even went trick-or-treating as his new character!)?

Now, Reynolds has caught out attention again with his bizarre comedic antics, this time in the realm of social media.

For those of you who follow Hugh Jackman on Instagram (hey, did you know Hugh Jackman was on Instagram?), you may have encountered an unusual post recently. And if you’re a late night ‘grammer like myself, it might have even scared the behjeezus out of you a bit. That’s because instead of seeing the Aussie’s perfect smile passing through your feed, you would have instead seen Reynolds done up in full Deadpool make-up (meaning looking a fright thanks to the comic character’s unfortunate disfigurement).

And not only that, but he would have been pretending to be the former Wolverine himself, acting as Jackman asking his audience to vote for him for People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive (an honor deservingly bestowed on Jackman several years ago).

See the video below, but don’t say we didn’t warn you:

(Featured image via Marvel/20th Century Fox)