Ryan Reynolds is campaigning for a Deadpool crossover — with Fast and the Furious

Not only is this the age of reboots and revivals, it’s also the age of epic crossovers. We’re getting a pretty big one later this month — and maybe you’ve heard of it, Avengers: Infinity War? It’s going to be an epic crossover between like, 20 of our favorite Marvel heroes, but let’s not stop the fun there. While he’s not in the MCU (sorry about that), there’s another Marvel hero who wants his own crossover with…The Rock.

The director of Deadpool 2 (which hits theaters in May), David Leitch has just signed on to direct the Fast and the Furious spin-off about Luke Hobbs (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) and Owen Shaw (Jason Statham), which is appropriately titled Hobbs and Shaw. So now leave it to Ryan Reynolds to decide he also wants in on this movie, but wants to be in it *as* Deadpool

After Leitch tweeted the exciting directing news, Reynolds couldn’t help but offer up a reply, and a pitch/plea. Mr. Blake Lively tweeted at the director: “You promised Deadpool was in this. You said I get to play the no-nonsense Police Chief, who yells at Hobbs for crashing his 58 valve Nissan Sentra into an Olive Garden. Put me in coach.”

As much as we would love this happen, the chances of it happening is extremely low. Though, it is fun to image Reynold’s Deadpool running around the Fast and Furious universe. Could you imagine if these two movie franchises existed in the same universe? Mutants, Deadpool, and the Rock? We don’t think the universe could handle the level of awesome that would occur.

And even though the crossover isn’t happening, the internet was still delighted with the idea. And of course, since it was on Twitter people couldn’t help but imagine the different scenarios that Deadpool could get into.

The interaction got weirder when Olive Garden and Nissan tweeted at Ryan Reynolds a response.

We can’t help but love strange Twitter interactions, and honestly the crossover possibilities are endless. And if anyone’s wondering, yes, the Deadpool/Fast and Furious movie sounds like a GREAT idea.

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